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The Kengash (Council)

A special body of the Senate called Kengash (Council) is established with a view to effectively supervising the work of the Senate way, to coordinating the activity of its committees and most importantly it is in charge of preparing Senate plenary sessions.

The Kengash consists of the Senate’s Chairperson, his/her deputies and chairpersons of committees. It is chaired by the Senate’s Chairperson who manages its meetings and signs resolutions. Unlike the Kengash of the Legislative chamber it does not include leaders of political fractions which is explained by non-participation and non-representation of political parties in the Senate.

The Senate Kengash holds its meetings between plenary sessions as necessary but no less than three times a year. Today practice shows that one of the main purposes of this parliamentary body is to carry out an intensive study of all issues which are to be introduced to the plenary session agenda (making proposals on agenda, text clearing and preliminary consideration of laws). Another distinctive feature is that all Kengash resolutions are made widely public maintaining the parliament’s public relations and its activities transparent.

The Kengash has the power to consider certain urgent issues, which ordinarily would have been considered during a plenary session, during the period between plenary sessions for example, the revocation of senatorial immunity.


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