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Committees of the Senate of Oliy Majlis - working bodies of the upper chamber play a significant role in performing key parliamentary functions, especially lawmaking and control. Legislative function implies that each of committees directly considers laws submitted by the Legislative Chamber by making reports on laws (conclusions) along with draft resolutions and other regulatory legal acts of the Senate. Implementation of
controlling functions is a main part of the principal activities of committees.

Committees consist of a chairperson, his/her deputy and members of the committee. There are on average 15 members in each committee. Committees are elected for a 5 year term the same as the Senate. Committees of the upper chamber are accountable to the chamber.

1. Committee on budget issues
and economic reforms
2. Committee on legislation and
judiciary issues
3. Committee on defense and
security issues
4. Committee
on foreign relations
5. Committee on science,
education, culture and
6. Committee on agriculture,
water recourses and ecology

The committees’day-to-day business is based on Rules of the Senate, short and long term plans, instructions of the Senate chairperson, as well as Kengash resolutions.

Committees convene their meetings between sessions of the Chamber. Competence of the meetings is provided by presence of no less than half of all committee members. As a rule, the Senate committee meetings are open to the public but in some cases they may decide to conduct closed meetings. Representatives of governmental agencies and NGO’s, scientific institutes, experts, scientists and the mass-media may also take part. More and more sessions are including experts, public representatives who prove that the Senate is developing close relations with the community, and is becoming more transparent and accessible to the public.

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