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28.08.2011 - Senate passes several laws

The sixth plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan was held in Tashkent on 26-27 August.

On the first day of the session, the senators passed a number of laws, including those developed in accordance with the Concept of deepening democratic reforms and formation of civil society in the country put forward by President Islam Karimov in November 2010.

The upper house of the parliament approved the Law “On the exchange of credit information”, which aims to create an effective system of exchange of credit information and providing information about the state of the credit transaction, fulfillment of obligations on it, as well as other information to help determine creditworthiness, financial condition, solvency, payment discipline and other qualities of the subjects of credit information.

The senators passed the Law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘On bankruptcy’”. Its main purpose is to reduce the timing of separate procedures of liquidation and the establishment of effective mechanisms for the sale of property of bankrupt enterprises to new owners.

The Law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘On licensing certain types of activities’” was prepared in accordance with the State Program “Year of small business and private entrepreneurship”. The document significantly simplifies the licensing procedures. Thus, it excludes the requirement of providing notarized copies of certificates of state registration of a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur, and introduces a regulation providing for a levy for consideration by the licensing body of the application of the license applicant within the cost of the licensing authority.

The senators also approved the Law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan ‘On railway transport’, aimed at ensuring the safety of the railway transport”. The law should help improve the legal and enforcement framework of security at the objects of railway transport, prevent emergencies that threaten people’s life and health, as well as public safety and stability of the state.

The Senate passed a new Law “On holding in custody during a criminal case proceeding”. It sets out the basic principles, grounds and detention periods, establishes the rights of detainees and those in custody, as well as guarantees for their security. In particular, the law defines the order of meetings with the defender and the legal representative, and the visits of the parliament’s Human Rights Representative (Ombudsman) to places of detention. Corresponding changes were also introduced in a number of legal acts, including the Criminal Proceedings Code.

Then the senators considered and approved the Law “On introducing amendments and addenda to some legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan in connection with the reduction of inspections of entrepreneurship subjects”. The law unifies the existing legislation and creates more favorable conditions in the process of inspection of businesses and entities of entrepreneurship.

In particular, the act amends the laws “On farming”, “On state control of business entities”, “On guarantees of freedom of entrepreneurship” and “On private enterprise”, as well as the Tax Code. According to these changes, the financial and economic activity of the newly created small businesses and farms is not subject to routine tax audits during the first three years from the date of their state registration.

The senators considered the Law “On the list of categories of persons – citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan – to be granted a permanent residence permit in the city of Tashkent and Tashkent region”. This law was initiated by a group of deputies of the Legislative Chamber. Its aim is to settle the issues of permanent residence in the city of Tashkent and Tashkent region, and ensure the rule of law in this area.

The senators noted that the adoption of the law should provide for impartial consideration of appeals of citizens concerning residence permits, prevent abuses and ensure the rule of law and public safety in the capital city area.

Further, the senators considered the Law “On the naming of geographical objects”. The document, taking into account generally accepted international terminology requirements, for the first time provides definitions of terms like “geographic objects”, “names of geographical objects”, “State register of geographical names” and others. It sets out the powers of the Oliy Majlis chambers, Cabinet of Ministers, Zhoqargy Kenes of Karakalpakstan, regional, district and city people’s deputies councils, and a specially authorized state body in the field of geographical names. The law also outlines the procedure for state registration, use and preservation of geographical names.

An important law approved by the senators was the Law “On restriction of distribution and consumption of alcohol and tobacco products”, developed in accordance with the State Program “Year of Harmoniously Development Generation” (2010). The main purpose of the law is to improve the legislative and legal framework to limit the spread and use of alcohol and tobacco products in order to reduce their harmful impact on the health of citizens, especially young people, as well as bring the norms of legislation in conformity with the international requirements.


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