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On November 22, a joint meeting of the Committee on Foreign Relations of the Senate and Committee on International Affairs and Inter-parliamentary relations of the Legislative Chamber of the Parliament considered implementation of international agreements in the sphere of human development into national legislation the Republic of Uzbekistan.
The joint session was attended by members of the Parliament, representatives of the line ministries, specialists and experts, as well as representative of UNDP and mass media.
It was noted that implementation of the UN Millennium Declaration, adopted at the Millennium Summit in 2000, has become one of the main priorities of the Government of Uzbekistan. From the very beginning of joining this important international document, the Government of Uzbekistan has undertaken series of organizational, institutional and legislative initiatives and measures aimed at meeting millennium development goals (MDGs). Both chambers of Parliament, specific committees, have organized parliamentary hearings on implementation of MDGs in Uzbekistan, where senior government officials have reported on progress achieved in this sphere. 
Thanks to these measures, on all goals significant progress has been achieved. The progress towards MDGs has received international recognition. The country is steadily moving towards building civil society, reforming all spheres of life and ultimately becoming one of the developed democratic states
Despite the ongoing global financial and economic crisis, Uzbekistan has maintained sustainable economic development. For last 7 years Uzbekistan has been among few countries in the world with high economic growth rates. Since gaining independence, the economy has grown 3.7 times. Real income of the population has grown 7 times, pensions – 9 times, average salaries – 18 times. Life expectancy at birth for the same period has increased by 7 years. For the last 20 years infant mortality has decreased 3 times, goal of decreasing maternal mortality by 1/3 has been fulfilled with 4 years to spare.
Hearing reports of the representatives of the Government, participants of the session noted high efficiency of chosen strategy of democratic reforms, aimed at modernization of the country. All reforms in economic, political and governance spheres are directed towards increasing well-being of people, enhancing good environmental situation, creating opportunities for realization of professional, intellectual and spiritual potential of every citizen of the country.
During the discussions participants of the session have emphasized that activities on implementation of Millennium Declaration and MDGs in Uzbekistan will continue. Fulfillment of all goals and targets on improving well-being and education, environmental protection, healthcare, provision of equal rights and freedoms, strengthening of peace and security will require coordinated efforts by all branches of the government, corps of the members of the parliament, the members of local legislative bodies, institutes of civil society.

On the results of the discussion relevant decision was adopted.

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